My Purpose

My mission is to connect Humanity, Love, and the Universal Energy that resonates at our core.  My purpose is to be an active participant and open channel to connect these common threads of love, acceptance, compassion, and creativity.  Do you find yourself repeating the same self-defeating messages, or feel like you are stuck (in work, relationships, life in general), or are tired of not feeling as happy as often as you would like?  We have all been there and sometimes we just need some guidance on how to get back in touch with our Self during our journey in life.  I offer support for clarity, consistency, self-acceptance,  and in alleviating physical or emotional discomfort.


"Jane Ritz is a joy, and I’m blessed to have experienced her wisdom and gifts. Her sound bath session is transformative, and she combines her intuitive gifts to offer a healing, cleansing experience.  Jane offers valuable insight into whatever may be blocking you, and she does it in a most gentle, loving and positive way. She’s gifted me with some mind- and life- changing nuggets, and I am deeply grateful. Jane is highly positive, real, and does her own growth work ~ and she lets the goodness flow through her to all who are blessed to work with her. “Right!”  That’s a Jane-ism. Try something she offers, and you’ll end up wanting more!"

 -Amy Jane Williams, MA LPC Owner, Amy Williams Wellness and Creator, Wanda Petunia LLC

"I am a young creative entrepreneur in Charlotte, NC. I have had the pleasure of benefiting from Jane’s gifts on several occasions. She has helped me to overcome creative and professional blocks, to walk confidently on my path, and has, in general, helped to provide clarity and assurance in times of uncertainty and self-doubt. Through my interactions with Jane, I have been able to follow my passions and make strides in my career and personal life. She has helped me to tap more into myself and learn to trust myself and I am eternally grateful." 

  -Amber Irvin, Executive Director at RCreatives

"I've been seeing Jane for almost two years now and through her insights, guidance, instruction, and encouragement I have been able to overcome both the mental and emotional roadblocks that I kept placing in my path.  She has made me aware of the tools that I have within myself to succeed, and with the addition of her customized style of yoga and guided meditations to our sessions we began to treat both the mind, body and soul to become everything I was intended to be. Her saying "Everything you have done, has led you to right now." rings true, and hits home. I am more aware, more enlightened, more eager, and more just plain more happy than I have been in a very long time. I look forward to our meetings, and I know you will too."

--Charles Quick, Owner/President, CQ Performance Services, Charlotte, NC.

"Feeling lost? Out of touch? Is the magic missing from your life? My life is pretty amazing but was definitely stagnant in some areas.  After meeting Jane Ritz I noticed a shift, a change in perspective about my own worthiness and what role I actually play in the whole scheme of things.   More opportunities started to line up as I began to focus more on feeling good and allowing. She inspired me to move more fully into the direction of my dreams so I can fulfill my true destiny.   A life of abundance!! I now know my worth and will not settle for less anymore. I highly recommend Jane’s unique expertise for she is truly gifted with insight that is literally out of this world.  Gain some broader perspective on your career, love life or just dealing with the day to day with Jane the Guide. I did and it made all the difference."

 -Pam Taylor, Musician and storyteller

"Jane has held space for me to create and re-create a “now” that prioritizes my best overall wellness and gives me courage to feel and express myself freely. Her heart is enormous and reverberates in how she expresses her passion, laughter, and joy.  She has a palpable enthusiasm for connecting people and guides me in feeling a spiritual attunement to my love, boundaries, and creativity.  The good vibrations she facilitates in groups are contagious. I have connected with a wonderful group of people through her meetings and workshops.  

I always feel safe sharing in Jane’s presence and am grateful for the laughter, ease, and flow I have found all while processing what I may have previously called “heavy” subjects in my life. I have found shifts in my overall wellbeing by processing from the energetic joyful space she guides me to. Jane is a guiding light with the words of her movement - she inspires freedom from limiting beliefs with the movement of her message which she shares with fervor and joy which is easy to feel deeply."

 -Dean Moran, Musician and teacher