Photo by David Saunders

Photo by David Saunders

My Purpose

My mission is to connect Humanity, Love, and the Universal Energy that resonates at our core.  My purpose is to be an active participant and open channel to connect these common threads of love, acceptance, compassion, and creativity.  Do you find yourself repeating the same self-defeating messages, or feel like you are stuck (in work, relationships, life in general), or are tired of not feeling as happy as often as you would like?  We have all been there and sometimes we just need some guidance on how to get back in touch with our Self during our journey in life.  I offer support for clarity, consistency, self-acceptance,  and in alleviating physical or emotional discomfort.

About Me


I have always been intuitive, I just didn’t realize to what extent.  When I began to focus my energy on healing, I  began to learn how to love myself unconditionally.  Not only did I realize my gifts through soul and energetic healing, I was also led to Cyndi Dale.  I attended a workshop led by Dale in the summer of 2016 to learn how to navigate the forces of the energy within us.  This workshop also led me to discover my spiritual gifts.   My intuitiveness has proven to be a gift and it is my guiding style.  This expanded knowledge allows me to use energetic healing for myself and others.    

 My studies in Earth Science and Geology at UNCC support my application of the vibrational and energetic components of what I do and how it works.  While I intuitively work with your energy, or chakra system, I can explain the ‘how’ it works using the laws of physics.  Having received my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, concentrating on Health Psychology, enables me to support the mind/body connection with which I work intuitively.  My educational background also supports me if I feel you may benefit from allopathic care or another source of healing that I cannot provide.

Through the creation of my path, my  journey, I have recognized the common thread that each life event/lesson/relationship led to personal growth and expansion.  The underlying desire was simply that I wanted to FEEL better.  I looked inward and sought guidance and healing from a therapist, acupuncture, and other intuitive energy healers.  Every time I healed a past trauma, I moved forward and I grew.  The last straw for my healing was when my body physically stopped me.  I was trying so hard to be fit, healthy, successful, pretty, giving, strong; all the things so that I could be loved and accepted by others.  My body gave out and I could barely walk for months.  After releasing the emotional baggage, I was able to get in touch with the beautiful being that I am, that we all are.  I assist with your attunement to a more calm and peaceful life.  I guide you into that joyful space, a place we all deserve to reside.