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Cacao Ceremony

Let’s journey into the heart center with the most delicious of ceremonies.  Let me take you on a body, mind, spirit integration ceremony with your heart as the focal point.  This experience is like no other, weaving century-old healing practices with modern science to break down the walls around the heart.  We know we're to follow our heart and that can be a scary place.  Allow me to take you on a journey that mends broken hearts, clarifies your purpose, and inspires you to take action. 

What to expect: Ceremonial Cacao Elixir to open the heart (contains theobromine (vasodilator), anandamide (the Bliss molecule), and phenylethylamine (the Love molecule). I work with this delicious plant to gain access to the heart light codes. I guide your meditation to deepen your heart journey while offering healing frequency music to amplify the effects of this ancient medicine. No one offers this ceremony like I do, and the results are profound.

Email me to schedule your transformation and heart opening experience!


August 15, 2019

Join me for a full body. mind, and spirit experience!

Breath: We will do breath-work to presence and oxygenate our body and brain. Discuss: I’ll share what’s going on for the Collective as well as touch on whatever is going on that you’d like to share. Sound: Frequency music (produced by Listening to Smile) provides healing for the physical and subtle body. This music is unlike sound healing with singing bowls and such. This music changes monthly and is astrologically aligned with the Cosmic dance. We’ll immerse ourselves in the healing frequencies that accompany a guided meditation. Meditation: I’ll guide a meditation to clear our mind, our body, and our hearts. My intention is to amplify inner peace and balance while quantumly healing the world. Movement: This will be gentle movement to clear our energy fields and may include yoga, dance, tai chi, tapping. All movement is encouraged and not mandatory.

There will be seating. However, you are welcome to bring a mat, bolster, blanket… whatever makes you comfortable.

Space is LIMITED! Tickets here

A portion of the proceeds will benefit R Creative Collective and VisArt Video

SC Yoga Fest

October 19, 2019

Join me for this FREE event!! So much yoga, vendors with all the yummy goodness you can imagine, and ME! I’ll be teaching and sharing my perspective of Quantum Spirituality. What is this 5D thing everyone is talking about? How do we uplevel? Finding the desire to follow your heart becoming so loud, it’s deafening?

I’ll channel the Divine to bring clarity during these times of transition as we enter the Galactic New Year, living in the Age of Aquarius, and creating in the Golden Age of Peace, all happening NOW. I’ll translate the energy that is coming in from the higher vibrational realms with the intention to be of service to all Beings everywhere.

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Flow Fest

September 20, 2019

Magic happens under the tree canopy at the US National White Water Center! There will be yoga, hiking, a 3 Course Ayurvedic dinner, and a Cacao Ceremony led by yours truly on Saturday morning after sunrise yoga.

This is a VIP Immersion, limited to 50 people, so grab your spot now! You can even camp on the property! Victoria Martinez, Sydney Duarte, Grant Hill, and I will be hosting this monumental event. Tickets can be purchased HERE.