Invest in your real life Social Network at any or all of the following events. Bring a friend or bring yourself and leave with a new one.

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*Personal & Group Cacao Ceremony*

Let’s journey into the heart center with the most delicious of ceremonies.  Let me take you on a body, mind, spirit integration ceremony with your heart as the focal point.  This experience is like no other, weaving century-old healing practices with modern science to break down the walls around the heart.  We know we're to follow our heart and that can be a scary place.  Allow me to take you on a journey that mends broken hearts, clarifies your purpose, and inspires you to take action. 

What to expect: Ceremonial Cacao Elixir to open the heart (contains theobromine (vasodilator), anandamide (the Bliss molecule), and phenylethylamine (the Love molecule). I work with this delicious plant to gain access to the heart light codes. I guide your meditation to deepen your heart journey while offering healing frequency music to amplify the effects of this ancient medicine. No one offers this ceremony like I do, and the results are profound.

Email me to schedule your transformation and heart opening experience!

April 14, 2019

Join Victoria Martinez and me for an epic full (subtle) body experience at this in-house retreat! For those of you who geek out on numerical signs (like me), this is on 4.14 from 1-4pm. If that’s not enough of a sing to give this to yourself… We are going to align, activate, and expand our energetic body. These areas support our manifesting powers, our physical body, and reflect what is going on in our emotional and mental bodies. Not to mention the Cosmic Intelligence is funneled to and through us via these energetic centers.

Come, play, learn and connect with your super powers! Click here for more info! $55 day of and $60 day-of. Register here!

April 18, 2019

I'm being called to collectively uplift our Spirits and send that love out to the Earth. This is a time to create and celebrate liberation. This is also the Full Moon (Pink Moon), in which we get to witness the fresh blossoms on the trees.

I'll channel what's being called in for the collective to support our intentions and impact in the Universe.

This is a powerful time!! I invite you to join in this night to expand the connections of Passover, the Full Moon, Easter, and Earth Day as they all align within a few days of each other.

I will offer Breath, Sound, Movement/Meditation... Body, Spirit, Mind...with space for discussion and play.

This event is to keep the third eye open in a curious, experiential, & informative realm.

CHECK THIS!! *BONUS* A portion of proceeds received will go to R Creative Collective - Artists Recovery Movement.

Energy offerings: DONATION (suggested $10)

For more info, go here


*Every 3rd Monday* starting April 15

Donation Meditation! Settle in for some stillness in this 45 min offering. I’ll guide the meditation and incorporate healing frequency music. Whether you’re new to the meditation scene or you’re seasoned at finding the silence of mind, this practice will support you. Meditating with community is a powerful alignment tool and I’m happy to offer it!

Here’s a link to Studio D (attached to Bijou 5) in Charlotte, NC for more information and location. Bring what you can to donate! I suggest $5…

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April 20, 2019

Let’s activate and amplify our heart chakra! Clear and balance your heart chakra. Amplify your capacity to give. Activate your inner potential. A transformational experience will happen in these 2 hours for those with an open mind and a willingness to release limiting beliefs (conscious or subconscious) that are holding you back.

I will channel for the group to assist in this workshop to bring Divine guidance. I’ll also offer:

~Discussion ~Breathwork ~Sound Journey ~Meditation ~Energy Clearing ~Gentle Movement ~Journaling

Click here for more info or to the Mind Body app to register!

$30 in advance $40 day of

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April 26-28, 2019 Hartsville, SC

Ready to release the limiting beliefs of our beauty (not thin enough, pretty enough, skilled enough, sexy enough…)? You will receive a new perspective on your strength, your beauty, your power. You will glow brighter & deepen your connection with your higher self. You’ll also increase the capacity to understand and regulate your thoughts, words, and actions that will serve you in all areas of relationship.

We’ve been conditioned, programmed, and trained to compare our body to models and the media. We know that we should accept ourselves, yet the inner dialogue when we look in the mirror is killing us. This weekend is designed to gently call out these old messages in light and humor (I may even have some old photos to share!). The old body-shaming messages will be brought to the table and we will heal them together.

We’ll tune in to our heart space through a sound journey and meditation. We will reprogram and rewrite our reality into a paradigm that truly is loving and accepting of our unique bodies. We’ll journal and create personal mantras. We will create and practice radical self-love, forgiveness, and compassion. We’re ready to take our bodies back and stand strong in our Divine Power and we’ll explore that with breathwork and movement. We are all Goddesses and we have been wearing a veil too thick to see and acknowledge it.

We’ll explore areas of acceptance, love, and nourishment of these beautiful vessels as well as discover ways to embrace our life experience more fully. I intend for this weekend to activate our perfect nature, allowing her to be seen and heard, appreciated and adored. This will be a time of reactivating, remembering, and rebirth.

Lineup: Friday (26th) 6-9pm: Welcome. Grounding. Intention setting.

Saturday (27th) 10am-6pm: - Morning: Light moves, stretch & breathwork. Teachings & Discussion. **Lunch provided** - Afternoon: Energy movement. Discussion w Q&A. Journaling.- Evening: Sound Journey & Meditation. Discussion. Releasing Ceremony.

Sunday (28th) 9am-12pm: Light moves & meditation. Reflect. Discuss. Gifts.

Cost- $88 in advance; $108 day of Info Click for tickets

What to Bring: Journal & Favorite Pen. Yoga Mat. Whatever you’re comfortable in. Item for alter.


May 10, 2019

Join Hannah Borababy and me for a Sister Circle like no other! I will be offering a heart opening and grounding Cacao Ceremony to further connect us with our Divine centers. Hannah will be guiding us through a womb steam and gentle movements to heal and connect us deeper into our womb space, our creation station.

This evening gathering will be an intimate and transforming experience. For more info, click here. $80 per Goddess. We will be together from 6-10 pm. Plan to arrive 15 min early to settle into the space. To register, click here.