Transformation Experience

ASK YOURSELF>>> Am I ready to actively participate in MY life? Am I ready to release any remaining baggage and heavy density from my life? Do I desire more exploring, discovering, and expanding the aspects of MYSELF. Can I see my potential, my power, my unique gifts? Is there space for more confidence and vulnerability in expressing myself and my gifts? Do I ask myself, “Now what??”. AM I READY TO COMMIT TO THE REST OF MY LIFE, FROM THIS NOW FORWARD?

If you said YES, I’m your Guide. I won’t tell you what to do. I’ll show you. You’ll experience what to do and I’ll be right next to you in your experience. You will be the active participant in Your life, creating neural pathways that will be of your own accord. I will hold safe space, clear out, and clear up. And you’ll be capable of continuing on your own with more clarity, abundance, and joy.

Ever wonder if you could incorporate your Spiritual Nature in the workplace?? You can! I offer seminars and packages to create a sense of connection, compassion, and care in any environment. Using intrinsic motivation tools, we work together to identify areas for growth, balance the work/life relationship, and amplify the internal and external experiences for all parties involved. Scroll for details.  

Appointments for Individual Sessions:

Book ONLINE! We can connect virtually, over the phone, or in person. Please email me if you don’t see a time that aligns with your schedule.

Workplace Seminars:

The modern workplace environment is a culture where everyone feels appreciated and heard.  There is an authentic connection between the team and the clients/customers/patients/students.  When the environment has an inspired positive culture as the common thread throughout the business/school/office, all of the internal and external relationships flourish. This is my area of expertise.

Email me to schedule an experience to transform and connect your Social Network (business, school, and community).

**Appointments for your PERSONAL Life-Transforming Experience**

Retreats and immersion programs tend to have the highest rate of success in transformation and synthesizing new information received.

We don’t always feel we have time to travel for a week or two, find our passports, and totally disconnect from our Earthly lives. I offer a convenient and comfortable solution so You can receive the effects of a week-long retreat in a matter of a weekend (or weekdays if that’s better for your full calendar).

Commit to 3 days and 2 nights when it perfectly aligns with your schedule.

Email to set up your FREE consult to explore your curiosity!

Details,Tools, & Topics that may be a part of YOUR Transformational Experience:

  • Cacao Ceremony Let me take you on a body, mind, spirit integration ceremony with your heart as the focal point.  I weave century-old healing practices with modern science to break down the walls around the heart.  We know we're to follow our heart and that can be a scary place.  Allow me to take you on a journey that mends broken hearts, clarifies your purpose, and inspires you to take action.  

  • Sound Healing An experiential meditation like no other. Healing frequencies are used to attune, heal, balance, and amplify Your energetic body. This directly benefits your physical body by bringing relief. It has direct positive effects on mood, nervous systems, endocrine system, digestion, and emotional state.

  • Guided Meditations My meditations calm and bring profound insights. DNA activation, cellular healing, astral travel, and ancestral healing are just some of what may occur. You’ll also take home your own personal meditation to best support your transformation and a mantra to assist in centering into the stillness of presence.

  • Personalized Energy Management plan. This is created to support your more vibrant life. I create a personal care plan with practical tools to balance your energetic body on a daily basis.  This includes mantras, meditation, aromas, sound, food, movement, breathwork, and sexuality/creativity amplification to have a full feeling in your life.  Using all the senses, I help you access a higher dimension that is beyond traditional clearing to consciously up-level your human experience.

  • Your Home-Base in Balance. This is imperative for the continual living your transformed life. Practical tools to energetically balance your home-base are essential in supporting your physical experience. As your body, mind, and spirit organizes and integrates, you benefit when your home-base feels the alter of your life. It becomes intentionally supportive of your transformation. The energy will flow throughout your home, facilitating more abundance, peace, and creativity in your home, office, and vehicle.

  • Nourishment Support. You will receive tools to better hear and translate your physical body, your emotional frequency, and your own spiritual guidance. This is so that you’ll be clear about how to nourish yourself in all aspects. As you continue experiencing your transformed life, you become more and more attuned to your personal needs and you’ll be quicker to assess and satisfy them.

Spiritual Guidance

  • Individual and Group support to guide you to the divine love within.  I take a holistic approach to Humaning ~ using the mind, body and spirit together.  Through conversation, I connect you with your highest self and translate for you the areas that are murky. I translate Galactic and Universal messages in light and unconditional love. I am a healer, activating DNA and removing energetic cords that are no longer serving you. I use my gifts of prophecy, clairsentience, channeling, and Divine Matrix code translating (to name a few) to assist you in “real-eyezing” (making real with your eyes) what your Natural gifts are.

  • Inspirational Speaker I offer groups an interactive, experiential, and transforming event. As a speaker, I engage the listeners by grabbing the curiosity seed and together we fertilize it and create an amplified gathering. The topics are all things Human, so all can relate and feel like an active participant whether they speak or not. I blur the boundaries that had separated us in the past, and Unify groups at the heart. This grows into a joyfully connected group of sovereign Beings that all speak the same language, or vibration, of Love.

Celebrant & Officiant Offerings

  • Ceremonies to celebrate and unite Humans in Love. I love love and I really love uniting people in Love, individually or in group gatherings. I offer sacred ceremony with personalized vows and commitments for Beloved Unions.  I’m an ordained minister with the Universal Life Church.  I offer council to support, strengthen, and deepen your relationship prior and post unification.  I also hold space, facilitate and am a master of ceremonies to honor and celebrate life events.

Energetic Compensation

All services I offer are channeled from Divine Love and graciously extended to you.  Fees range from $80 per hour and up. You can pay here.

Travel and additional expenses based on needs. Also, I refuse to refuse spiritual guidance to anyone. If money is a blockage, reach out. Send me and email with an offer of an energetic exchange that feels good for you. You never know until you ask :)