Spiritual Guide

Individual and Group support to guide you to the divine love within.  I take the whole approach to Humaning ~ using the mind, body and spirit together.  Through conversation, I connect you with your highest self and translate for you the areas that are murky to help you see how to create change in the present moment.  I see you as well and in your perfect form and reflect that back to help support your path to truth.  I pick out the ailing thought patterns and transmute them and help you find tools to transmute them to help you be a more conscious navigator of your path and to fulfill your purpose.

Energy Healer

Chakra balancing and Personalized Care Plans for creating a more vibrantly Love-aligned life.  I help you balance your chakras and create your own personal care plan with practical tools for your daily life, including mantras, meditation, aromas, sound, food, movement, breathwork, and sexuality/creativity to have a full feeling in your life.  Using all the senses, I help you access a higher dimension that is beyond traditional clearing to consciously uplevel your human experience.


Relationship blessings and ceremonies to celebrate and unite humans in love.  I unify people in relationships with your spouse and partner or your relationship with yourself.  I also create ceremonies for families who have healed and want to move forward.  I facilitate creating vows with those important to you as part of the healing process.

Home blessings and clearings to gets the new energy flowing and fills your home with new intentions with joy, love, passion and creativity.

I also hold space, facilitate and host ceremonies for cacao, full moon, and new moon experiences.  I am also available to facilitate any ceremony honoring transitions.

Extra Love Options

Speaker on love-aligning topics ~ I speak on spirituality topics minus the preach.  I share without "shoulding" on you and speak from experience, growth, and love to inspire others to find their own stories of inspiration within.

Workshop facilitation tailored to the needs of each experience.  I offer self-love, expanding love and creativity, peace in the office and a wide variety of topics that create presence and peace with the now to live from a space of love aligned, uplifted and complete.  I share how to hone in on your own lighthouse and beacon from within and be your own savior and superhero.

Spoken Word is the way I talk so others can hear love-aligned messages and light up.  I love to share my word with a beat others can groove to and feel that beat within all of us.  I can include this performance expression in workshops, groups and ceremonial experiences as well, upon request.

Energetic Compensation

All services I offer are channeled from divine love and gratefully extended to you.  Fees range from $80 per hour and up.  Travel and additional expenses based on your needs.

Sonic meditation music links are offered for your support.  Referrals to specific practitioners are offered as well.