The topic of adoration as a way to focus love on someone or something is so fun!  I have realized I have been a good giver of adoration in the relationship category.  I also have been good at deflecting adoration.   Now, that is not to say that I have not received an adoring gaze, it means that I had not been able to receive it.  Maybe I was comparing myself to another and not understanding why I would get that kind of look and compliment, or focus of love.  Or I was too busy being displeased with myself that any adoration wouldn’t have been felt because it couldn’t overpower my knowledge of my ‘imperfections’.  All that to say, I recently had the strong desire to be the recipient of adoration.  Yep.  I put it out there to the Universe.  I want to be adored!  

Then today I got a glimpse of what that is like.  I know that if I want a happy, loving, confident someone in my life, I need to be happy, loving, and confident.  How do I adore me so someone else can adore me?  That is the question.  The answer is pretty obvious.   I just need to adore myself.  That whole ‘take you on a date’ and all that has validity, and not in a buy yourself things to prove adoration of Self.  Rather, focus the feelings of love toward yourself, like when you intentionally pause and adoringly gaze at a baby.  We do not look at that baby and think that they are limited for any reason.  We see them as perfect unlimited Beings that are not ‘messed up’.  Intentionally pausing to focus loving thoughts and feelings of adoration just for the unique and perfect person you are, just as you are, right now, is remarkable.  No comparing or judging or doing anything that isn’t with the sole purpose of adoring the Being that you are.  Holy cow, it’s kind of amazing!  I recently realized that I had never done that and really really felt the kind of unconditional adoration that I give others.  Wow!  I’m really good at adoring!  

I had, for a long time, been the girl who looked in the mirror and said something negative to the reflection.  A while back, I realized that those are not messages I need to hear because they have negative health effects and they feel kind of lousy.  So my reflection got a new message.  It became, ‘hey girl, not too bad’ or ‘cool, good hair day’ which was a vast improvement.  But I recently realized something about this.  I am ready to feel better than just ‘not too bad or unkempt or fat or blah blah blah’.

Moving forward, I will look in the mirror and be easier on me.  I will only acknowledge that I am perfect right now, and I will continue to change and it’s okay.  I will not see frizzy curls and a giggly demeanor as anything other than the adorable qualities that distinguish me.  I will observe my differences from others without comparing or judging.  Instead, I will celebrate them in myself and in others.  To look at someone and view their differences as flaws or something that I will be complete if I were to have/be/look like is not adoring myself in the least.  How could I ever expect anyone to adore me if I am too encumbered with comparing or judging?  I would just be deflecting it.  No more deflecting adoration. That is just silliness.  We are all deservingly adorable for being the loving Beings that we are.