Capacity of Pie

Children are inspiring if you listen to them and create conversation.  I was chatting with my friend’s three-year-old daughter, I will call her Pie, as she was so excited to share with me her fun with cotton balls.  She had three cotton balls that she wanted to show me and explain to me what to do with them.  That meant that she and I were ideating on all the ways to use them.  As I go to hold one, I notice the small puddle of water forming under her hand.  She had wet the balls of cotton.  One ball was totally saturated, one was just really damp, and the last one was dry.  Surprise!  I wiped the water, and we were talking how the cotton could be used to build a nest (for her stuffed bird finger puppet), or it could be the hair on her little monkey toy, and the water from the cotton kept dripping out.  I suggested we get dry ones and this little Pie said that we can just squeeze the water out.  Duh.  Of course, we could!  

It got me thinking about this.  We all can be saturated in whatever we choose to take on and into ourselves.  We can be saturated with negative emotions like frustration or fear and it can be oozing out of us, making messy puddles, and weighing us down.  We feel at maximum capacity and if we take on any more, we may drown.  We may even feel so full that we cannot move, and we cannot clearly decipher a way to remove the excess.  It is so very uncomfortable and we would like relief, however, we tend to talk about why we are saturated and how bad it feels. Maybe this is in hopes of comradery because that feels better than feeling like the only soaked cotton ball in the bunch.  We can leave traces of this frustration or fear wherever we go so that whoever comes in contact with us will be able to feel or witness what we are saturated with.  Others may only sense it, others may slip and fall in it, becoming saturated as well.  Of all the qualities as a Being, being overly saturated in fear, or anything that holds us back, is not going to benefit anyone.

However, we can choose to be saturated in love or peace, or at least be aware of our personal limits for saturation.  We all have a desire to be beneficial to ourselves or others.  If we are saturated with repetitive displeasing messages, or if we are saturated with repetitive messages of acceptance of who and where we all are, those with whom we have contact with will feel what we can no longer hold.  Let us share with more care.  If we are saturated in love or peace, the puddles are more like a fun water slide or a refreshing cool bath on a hot day.  Wherever we go, we don’t feel weighed down with love, we feel full of it and want to share it with everyone.  In fact, when saturated with positive emotions, our instinctive nature is to share it and live it since we are being it.  We are at capacity.  We are fully capable.  We are capable of living an intentional life.  We are capable of feeling and sharing the capacity of who we are.  We are made to be love and accepting, and when you feel that for your Self and others, you cannot help but to share it.  It is okay to choose to squeeze out the cotton ball, be gentle with it, let it rest, and when you’re ready, you can start to fill it with whatever you want to be full of.  Be choosy.  Be intentional.  Be compassionate.  Be the capable Being; love at capacity.  

Inspiration in it's purest form.