Friendly Fire

Friendly fire.  I envision people being so kind to others that a warmth radiates from within.  This warmth is like a fire that emits what feels like love.  A gentle fire that feels like home, feels safe, that others are drawn to and that wants to be shared.  A fire that once ignited continues to be shared with ease.  This fire is within all of us, and we have the perfect ability to share it with our free will.   

We can all be friendly to others. We are all friends by definition.  A friend is someone we have a connection with.  We all have the common connection of being human.  As we look around at those we are close with and those we have yet to meet, can we look at them without judgement?  Can we look at ourselves that way?  If we look in the mirror and are unkind and cold, we will not be able to truly be the friendly Beings outwardly for others.  If we see our Self with judgment and fault, we will see others that way and they will feel that instead of the warmth that we could emit.  We come first in the friend department so we may be friends to those around us.  That fire comes from within and must begin there.  As we go through our life and recognize that it is unique to us, the lessons we are learning and the opportunities for our growth are all on our own individual time frame.  We are moving through our life to our own pace, our own beat.  A friend would support that, nurture that, and be there when the heart gets hurt.  There would be no judgement by this friend, and they would not try to keep you in that hurt space.  Rather they would console.  This consolation and love feels like warm acceptance.  We start that friendship with Self first.  We allow ourselves to learn and grow, and not focus on what we have been taught to be mistakes.  We continue moving forward with more knowledge in our head and more love in our heart.  We allow for the ability to open our eyes another day and give a new day a shot at being a new experience without judgement on the previous day’s choices.  Not only do we become more accepting of ourselves, we accept others as we see ourselves in them.  We see what we could be, what we have been, and we can appreciate that their path is just as unique as our own.

We have experienced what is is like to be treated without this warmth of friendship and acceptance.  We have felt what it feels like to be treated in an unfair or unjust way, or having gone unnoticed or intentionally ignored.  We have witnessed others being treated this way as well.  We have seen others being unfriendly and unkind to others as well as to themselves.  It feels cold and uncomfortable.  To observe someone and decide to not be friendly with them based on their appearance, where they live, what they do (or not do), or what they believe based on whatever their parents taught them is the same as not accepting parts of our Self.  That is not friendly.  It is not kind.  It is not warm.  It is not love.  It is not acceptance.  We have had these experiences and would prefer to feel the warmth of the gentle fire of compassion.  Each day, each person we come across, each time we see ourselves, we can choose to be kind and friendly.  We can just as joyfully greet our reflection as we greet a stranger or an old friend.  We can intentionally share this heat with all of those around us.  We all deserve to feel this friendly fire.