Story Time

Stories.  When asked, “Where do you see yourself ending up?” I always respond with a solid “I have no idea.”.  I see life as those adventure books.  You read a few pages and then at the bottom of the page, you have an option.  If you choose one option, you turn to a specific page where you continue the story from there and deciding again further along in the story.  You may also choose the other option, in which case you still continue reading the book and having another opportunity to choose another direction from that point.  

Every single day, I get to decide what my life looks like.  I am intentionally creating it.  Not only am I creating it, I am also most interested in the actual story and the adventures within.  The ending is of no consequence at this right now.  If it were, then I would be done and I would know and expect everything in the book of my life.  That would be like someone telling me the entire story and the ending.  How boring.  What would be the point of it being my life to create if it were up to someone else to tell it to me, or dictate it to me?  That is just silly.  Yet that is what so many of us have been conditioned to do.  We are told what we are capable of, what we should be, what we should do, and how to do all of it along with the amount of time it should take to accomplish whatever.  Again, what is the point?  Is the point of life to accept what others think we should do so much that we don’t question our own desires and our own heart?  What a boring world that would be.  What a way to live a life that lacks creativity and individuality.  Since when did complacency and homogeny become the definition of life?  

To shed the mold of what others have shaped us to be, we must know that we are the creator of our own lives.  Because of that, we cannot mess it up.  My life is just that.  Mine.  Others may not agree, or see an easier path for me.  Others may think I should play it safe and just keep doing what works, not allowing myself to grow.  Others may think that failing is the worst thing ever.  My biggest fails have been what has allowed me to grow and learn and be inspired by my own capabilities.  Failing is not doing what your heart wants.  Failing is only doing the ‘shoulds’ in life as opposed to doing what we are called to do.  Making mistakes in the eyes of others are simple; they are opinions of what they would do if they had a chance (or another chance).  Just because it is not what they may think is the best, it is the best if it is your decision.  Because it is YOUR life.  You cannot mess up YOUR life, no matter what anyone says.  And like those adventure books, we have the lovely ability to choose to change the path at any given moment.

As we go about the day, and we are a grumble-butt because we are at work and not on vacation, it is our life in which we are creating the main character to be a grumble-butt.  The main character may be the giver that gives so much and is too modest, a martyr or feels unworthy of receiving.  The main character may be the giver and the lover and the Being that is not afraid of what others think, for they know they are the main character in this story of their life.  This life is your story.  Create it!  Be deliberate.  Be loving.  Be fun.  Be bold.  Be safe.  Be unique.  Be loving (yes, twice).  Be supported.  Be peaceful.  Be calm.  Be the character you would want to be, and know that it is YOUR story.  Change it as you see fit, as you want.  Some days are nice to choose to go all out and be the bravest most adventuresome you.  Some days it’s just as pleasant to choose to recharge and take it easy.  I choose to keep my story, my book, my life interesting and joyful for me.  I’m the only one who will know the value of the ending once it occurs.  Until then, I will excitedly keep creating this adventure story of mine.  I hope others will share theirs with me as they tell me the story they are creating.  I don’t want to know the ending.  The story is the juicy part.