Accepting Me

This is the story of Jane, who knows she is a master of the Universe and lives from her heart space on a daily basis.  This is the story of me. Iā€™m Jane. I am like all of you out there. I have been you at a point in my life, or I am currently you now.  I have forgiven myself for all that I may have done that came from a place of fear or sadness or frustration. I look back at all the times in my life that were displeasing, uncomfortable, or not ideal, now from a space of appreciation.  I appreciate all that I have been through for many reasons. I survived it. I learned from it. I grew from it. Some was pleasant. Some, not so much. I came from that place and now I accept it. I look back now and not only do I appreciate my growing there, I can see myself as a little girl and a teenager and all of me that I have been.  I have compassion for that girl. I have safety for that girl. I have excitement for that girl. I have a steadiness for that girl. I have love for that girl. Only love for that girl for I was not always so loving to her myself. She was not knowing of her power as a free thinking and a free loving individual that she was, nor did she know that she was the only one preventing her from living the life that she truly desired.  The life she truly desired was a life brimming with expressions of love. She wanted to feel love. That was it. She yearned for it. She looked everywhere for what she knew love to be: defined as comfort, ease, fun, excitement, clarity, knowing, joy, eagerness, ideating, creating, fulfilling, passion, and all the wonderful emotions one could ever have rolled up into a thing called love. Pure. Simple. Straight up Love.

Little did I know at the time that for me to have felt love all around me, I must first feel it for myself.  Literally, for myself; a pure love. And once I did that, I could not help but to live from my heart the majority of the time.  I see all that is around me as pure expressions of love even if I see them as displeasing for those expressing the lack of love in whatever way they choose, it is coming from a place of feeling that way for themselves.  And that is a sad state of affairs when the lovely people on this planet that are unknowing of the ability to love themselves if they can forgive themselves for whatever they may or may not have done in their past. Then they can immediately stop disliking or judging themselves and stop whatever behaviors that are not in the same direction or space as feeling love for themselves.  

I have not always been the best at expressing love for I had not felt it for myself in the vast, deep, expansive, bright way I like I do now.  I expressed anger that I felt toward myself; outwardly. I expressed my fears as control, abandonment, excessive behavior, addictions, rage, depression, confusion.  I expressed myself outwardly for the way I felt about myself was not that of love. I was judgemental and harsh on myself for my appearance. I was not knowing I only deserved love in this world, for we all, as human beings are deserving of love.  I was not taught how to give it to myself. My parents, like all other beings, did and are doing the best they know they are capable of doing. They are wonderful and their childhood created their baseline of how they grew and expressed, just like me.  They went through a lot, which allowed for me to learn from the muck they went through. I also appreciate that they took one for the team for I did not have to have the wars and experiences they went through. It also excites me to know that the wars and all they went through are being cleared away by their children.  We are all here to love and we are all ready to feel it in a way that we had never been called to before.

We, as human beings, are ready to feel the fullness of the grandeur of love.  We want to share it with others, because that is what feels good. If you have a cup of water and you see another with an empty cup, you want to offer the contents to them.  It feels wonderful to share water with someone thirsty. However, it feels unpleasant to not have the capability to share. We must always have a full cup so we may give as much as we truly enjoy doing.  We must make sure to love ourselves in a compassionate, kind, accepting way. Acceptance accompanies love like best friends. Loving oneā€™s Self includes accepting where we came from, what we have grown from, what we have yet to experience. All the other opportunities we will have to grow and love again will keep coming as long as we keep moving forward in our lives and not always look back.  We have been conditioned to look back with judgment. It will not serve anyone to do that. Look now, appreciate the past and the knowledge gleaned, and create your future.

How do we create the future?  Hopefully from our heart. Feel the love that you are made to feel, that you are deserving of, that you are free to share everywhere you go.  Love can be shared with a smile. A hug. An acceptance for where the persons are around you. They are learning just like you got to, maybe in a way that is less than desirable for you to imagine.  If those we come across are expressing themselves in an unaccepting way, they are not feeling love for themselves, and maybe never have. Maybe they never have felt it before from their parents. Maybe the best their parents could do was way less than what your parents were capable of.  Maybe they were judged, ignored, punished, neglected, unloved unless they performed a certain way. This is why people express themselves the way they do. It is a direct reflection of what they feel or believe about themselves on a very deep level. We are all capable of feeling this love though.  We just need to be gently reminded or guided or inspired by the love around us sometimes. Some days are easier than others. Some days overflow with this love. The variance lies on how I perceive the day and those around me. If I look around with the same judgement I had felt for myself, the world looks undesirable.  If I look at it with the same fear I had inside of me, the world looks scary. If I look around with the non acceptance I had within, the world around me will never look good, nor will it ever feel good. And this is how we create the future.

   Again, we create the future by living from your heart, feeling the feelings of love.  This takes intention. The world is still the world around us and I choose to see it with love for I know that when I feel this, ideas come for a better tomorrow.  A better tomorrow is the defined as each day getting better and better. When we feel love instead of fear, judgment, confusion, nonacceptance, or anger, we make decisions that are of benefit to ourselves and each other.  This is how we all want our future to be: filled with love and acceptance for ourselves and each other. Let us create that better day starting now. Now is the only thing that is real. The past is no longer here, yet we can choose to bring the emotions back there if we focus on that.  We can basically keep that past experience that we keep focusing on in the now for as long as we choose. To let go of that, we must shift the focus to the now and feel some compassion for ourselves for we not on any timeline. We are all living and learning at our own pace, our own beat.  Individual cadences. As we live presently with love for ourselves and others, we can no longer look to the past as something we failed at or messed up. This is your life and only yours to live and create. Create it with love. You are not messing up. You are not failing. You are learning and growing.  Know that you are a human being, which makes you just like everyone else on this planet. And everyone is unique for a reason. If everyone were the same, it would be boring. We no longer feel the need to place judgment on what others do as right and wrong on a daily basis as we look around this beautifully connected planet.  We are ready to live a life of love for ourselves and others. We are ready to be active participants in this collective life that wants to thrive and be well. We all deserve to thrive and be well. We all deserve love.

So, this is the story of how I live my life on a regular basis and what I am inspired to share.  It comes from a place of love, of compassion, of desire, of truth, of knowing, of creating an expression of love.  This is me. Jane. Creating my life from the foundation of love. Sharing this love freely in a way that I find fun and exciting.  A way that inspires others to create with me, from a space of love, with forward moving thoughts and ideas for solutions in every aspect of life.