Earth Loving

I took myself on a hike today.  I brought along a small picnic of blueberries and nuts.  When I got to the top, I got comfy and watched the giant vultures and hawks circling above.  As I looked out to the green hills of the Earth below, I began to feel the connectedness with it.  The Earth is made of elements, as am I. Everything is connected. I decided to meditate on that connection in ways that would best serve myself and others.  

I looked out and said aloud, “The Earth is balanced.  I am balanced. The Earth is abundant. I am abundant.  The Earth is unique. I am unique”. I said more than that, but that’s the jest.  Then I said, “I am joyful. The Earth is joyful. I am giving. The Earth is giving.  I am knowing. The Earth is knowing.” and so forth. After this type of meditating, I felt even more connected with nature.  I also felt the support that I am, as well as the support from the world around me. Not only that, it felt really good to look at the Earth as the magnificent beauty it is.  I was not looking at the components I want to be different, rather I was looking out and appreciating what is. And what is is actually okay. It is more than okay. It is perfect and ever-changing.  

For so long, we have been taught to look around us and make judgments on all the wrongs around us.  We have become keen observers of the displeasing. We can spot something, call it a mess up/mistake/wrong and talk about it for days on end.  Conversely, we have the capability to focus on the rights/beauty/uniqueness of what surrounds us. We could go on for days as well, yet we are not very practiced in that.  Sometimes when we do talk about the wonderful things around us, others may get confused or even angry. It is because they do not have the focus to see the good around them, which makes them more frustrated at themselves than anything.  Many times we then edit our expression of joy and join others in their lack. But why? Are we too scared to be joyful in case we are judged for it? Do we feel like we cannot be happy if there is turmoil around us? Do we feel like we are ready to receive peace in our life or are we waiting for the day in the future when all things have lined up just so (retirement, kids out of the house, completing a task, changing the appearance of yourself, etc.) before we are worthy of feeling the greatness of the world around us?

The knowing of the acute ability to focus on what is around us and extrapolate flaws and judgments, we can equally focus and extrapolate beauty and appreciation.  This may seem difficult in reference to situations that are displeasing around the world. Then we have the opportunity to extrapolate opportunities to grow and learn.  Then we can ideate and create forward-thinking solutions in these instances. We can choose to look at the Earth around us, and all of its inhabitants as uniquely beautiful.  We can then begin to see the connectedness and ease that everything offers, especially when we look for that instead of looking for the flaws that we had been thoroughly conditioned to find.  

The Earth continues to be the rotating beauty that it is.  It does not stop or tries to change to please others. We can do the same.  We can keep moving in a forward direction, accepting the notion that we are all connected and nothing is as broken as we once believed.  If we direct adoration and acceptance around us, everything revolves smoothly and more joyfully. We are ready to not only see but to fully experience the beauty that we are and that is all around us  We can make the choice to focus, with love, on our surroundings. We may live on this beautiful Earth, feeling connected and feeling love. I am starting now.