Grounding to Fly

I have been seeing Cardinals more this year than ever.  The striking contrast of their red plume against the green backdrop of the trees in which they perch is eye catching.  They shoot through the blue skies and grab my gaze. They frolic in the crepe myrtle across the street, allowing my smile to broaden as I adore the jumping and flapping about.  They remind me of Louisville, Kentucky which is where I grew for the first 18 years of my life. This bright red bird reminds me of my roots, where I truly came from. I see the cardinal now and so much inspiration arises.  My roots are what have given me life, what have rooted me into my existence, and what have allowed me to learn valuable lessons through the times of nourishment and the times of drought. I mean, they are brilliantly red birds that zoom through the sky, so how could I not be at least visually enthralled?

Cardinals and all of their red glory remind me of the root chakra, the Muladhara Chakra, which is located at the base of the spine and is associated with the color red.  Cardinal red. This energetic part of our perfect human bodies is the area that is related to feelings of safety and trust, as well as basic needs like food, water, and shelter.  (If you desire more chakra knowledge, Cyndi Dale [Cyndi Dale – Author, Intuitive, Healer] is the source.)  This area has a lot to do with family, how we were raised, and how we ground down in our current life.  As this root chakra is balanced, we feel firmly rooted in ourselves and have the ability to feel peaceful as we move about our life.  This connection to the root of us, our family influence, has a profound impact on our lives. This is a gentle reminder the cardinal gifts me every time it crosses my path.  It’s a way to remind me to stay grounded.

How can we stay so firmly grounded and fly at the same time?  I understand that trees and their nourishing root system keeps them in the ground so they may rise high into the sky, it is the same with us.  How wonderful is it that a cardinal could remind me of this? The root of us, the connection to family, security, and stability, is so important for it is the foundation for how high we fly.  We fly when we use our imagination, when we expand, when we love and benefit others as well as ourselves. We fly when we create, ideate, and share who we are with the world. We fly when we experience life joyfully.  We are created to be so light and to fly, while simultaneously being safely and firmly rooted on the Earth. It is a positive correlation between groundedness and ability to fly, or live fully. When we are light, not heavy with the burdens of fear or discomfort, we fly.  We are open to receiving what we give. We move about our life with more ease. We are balanced.

This does not mean that our childhood had to be perfect and easy for us to thrive.  It means we have an opportunity to see our childhood and family as how we gain sure-footedness.  It means that we may strengthen this root system starting right this very now. It is our personal root system and we do not have to rely on anyone else’s healing or forgiving for us to dig deep and plant ourselves in stability.  The depth of this root system is solely up to the individual. We may choose to see a childhood of neglect or fear as something that withers the root system of our stability. Or we may choose to see it as a means of nourishment for the expansively deep root system that we are now fostering with love.  The roots from which we are created are unique to each of us so that we may grow, learn, and be the uniquely loving persons we are. We ground deeper and soar higher as we acknowledge the perfection of our unique upbringing and the strength and fluidity we gleaned as only we could have. When we see this familial influence on our Being as truly beneficial for our survival, regardless of how pleasant or not the upbringing was, our well Being will thrive.  And we fly.

I know now that the more grounded we are, the higher we may fly.  To do that, we must be able to feel and know that we can. We are, collectively and individually, safe and sound.  We are resilient humans full of compassion and desire. We are capable of safely expressing this as we know there is nothing to fear in doing so.  We have good fears that keep us safe and sound, yet we may harbor fears passed down to us that will keep us from flying. These fears do not nourish our growth.  Conversely, they wither our roots and lead to a diminished life. But there is still life to be had and plenty of what we need to thrive. It is our individual root system that needs to be loved and appreciated to allow for this fullness to occur.  As this root system is nourished and loved, the more interconnected we become in a healthy and fulfilling way. Our root is what grounds us, is an integral part of our existence, and is the source of the internal fire of our life. It elicits peace within.  The feeling of home is grown in the knowing that we truly are safe. We are ready to feel the safety that we provide. We are ready to confidently fly. This is the balance the cardinal reminded me of. We are made with sturdy roots. We are also made to fly.