Head in the Clouds

A child asks, “Where do clouds come from?” and depending on their age and the convo, it may go to the space of why and how and then god or mother nature or whatever comes into play.  

The truth about clouds, as seen by Jane:

This Earth has so much water on it.  When the weather warms up, the hydrogen and oxygen (water parts) move faster and faster, kind of like when you're really happy and excited.  As they boogie around faster and faster, they get lighter and lighter. As they get lighter and lighter, those hydrogen and oxygen parts need more room to groove, so they shift naturally and easily into air.  They become invisible!! They are really dancing now. As they keep up their dance party in the sky they keep moving up and up. Then it gets cold way up there in the sky because the Earth is warmer than outer space.  It is like your core, your belly, and heart area, it is always the part you need to keep warm to live. Anyway, the Earth is warm like your heart, and the sky gets cold way up high, so the air-water molecules slow down their jam.  They start to find their friends and they hug and huddle to cluster because it’s easier to move with the flow than against it. These parts are naturally slowing down, and that is when they hang out as clouds and peek down at this beautiful planet they came from, kind of like how you come from your heart in your life.  

To me, the clouds are like consciousness.  They are looking down and observing this Earth, our Selves.  Yet the clouds look and float and are being just uniquely beautiful at any given second.  They see the Earth for the water from which they came. The sweltering summer picnic that begs for shade and they know how quietly they will offer ease.  The clouds see ahead to the thirsty areas and they will want to get so joyfully weighted down, they release in a slower water form. The land thrives, the Earth thrives.  I see life, humans, and how the world works, in this way. Everything has a purpose, and it is to be a healthy well Being that is unique and creative and seeing all that we are and where we come from and where we are going are all okay.  We are to float along easily in life, and as you do, you find where you are beneficial to others and yourself. And as you go, you are creating the entire thing, You're creating your journey, your life, your reality.

That is how creation is and how it occurs.  We do not create to be done, we continue to create a life around us.  We create life through our perception.

If the clouds perceived Earth as some humans do, they would look back at the river from which they came from as polluted and wrong and bad or scary, or uncertain, and if they looked back all the time, they wouldn't float along.  They would just stay staring at the bad river they just looked back at, always above it, raining down into it again, evaporating up, looking at it, raining back down. The cloud would stay so focused on where it came from and how bad it was, (the past), it would never move and benefit itself or anyone else ever!  Silly cloud!!

We are clouds.  We are consciousness.  We are intentional.  We are love. Focus on love.  See the Earth (and you) as if you are a cloud.  A cloud of love.