Heart, Lungs, and Guts

We must give to ourselves first so we may give of ourselves more abundantly.  We seem to want to give something of ourselves to others- love, care, compassion, joy.  We must tend to ourselves in the manners in which we want to give. We want our lives here on Earth to be fun and to be beneficial to ourselves and others.  We want to live a peaceful existence. We want our neighbors to get along joyfully. We want a flourishing planet and a thriving body that moves about this lovely planet with ease.  

We get to create our intentions with a heart driven focus.  Our desires come from the heart, as do inspirations and ideas.  As our heart is more open to creating these, we are continuously giving our heart positive attention.  The heart is the area for love. It connects the lower guttural part of the body to the upper cognitive portion.  The heart acts like the connector with the lower chakras (the grounded, knowing, secure, creative, sexual parts of us) and the upper chakras (the communicative, intuitive, seeing, spiritual parts of us).  When we intentionally allow the heart to guide, steer, or drive us, the direction is forward and positive. This focus allows you to follow your heart and live a life that is truly your love, your passion, your heart’s desire.  It will be of benefit to yourself and others while still living a fully grounded and present life with confidence and ease.

A gentle way to draw the focus to the heart is with the breath.  This connection with breath allows us to focus on the heart area to bring awareness to your true desires.  When we take that breath, we intentionally check in with ourselves. We do not judge, rather we observe and see what emotions we are feeling.  If what we are feeling is coming from the heart, a space of love for self and others, we will feel confidently joyful and excited. If what we are feeling is from a space of fear, confusion, or lack, we will be less capable of being the giving people we are.  We can intentionally shift the focus so that we are certain we are coming from the heart space. As we inhale a breath so that it goes deep into the body, our belly will expand. This breath connects that upper, heart, and lower chakras. We exhale and the belly button compresses toward the spine.  As we take this breath, we are intentionally giving ourselves some peace which allows for a calmer mind so we may move forward, whatever that may look like.

To have awareness and focus on the heart area is a practice that becomes our homeostasis, our baseline for emotional well Being and our physical well Being.  With breath and a conscious focus on the heart area with a scan of what we are emotionally feeling, we can shift our entire energetic and physical body. When we are feeling positive emotions like peace, calm, joy, love, and eagerness, our bodies produce endorphins, dopamine, serotonin, to name a few.  When we feel angry, depressed, confused, or fear, our bodies produce cortisol, increases blood pressure, and reduces production of the hormones that support wellness. This is where dis-ease begins in the body. This dis-ease will physically manifest in the form of disease, illness, an unwell Being. Again, we all truly want to be emotionally and physically well.  The important part to remember is that emotional well Being comes first. We are capable of shifting our focus to shift our emotional state at any given moment with that breath and the desire to feel well, or maybe just a bit better than where we are.

As we become more practiced at looking inward and focusing on our heart, we then make decisions that allow our heart to sing and soar.  It allows us to be kind and compassionate to ourselves and others. We exude these traits more continuously as we live our lives. We more frequently get to feel joyful while feeling purposeful, or having a desire to thrive and share that experience with others in a way that creates the world in which we want to live.  We then feel our life’s purpose in a way is perfectly unique to us. We ignite the set of desires within when we breathe, focus, and allow what is no longer serving us to release and replace with an intention of feeling what our heart is calling us to do (or not do). Living our life’s purpose is really just living while allowing our heart to be the connector and driving force.  Allowing just the gut area (fear, trepidation, etc.) to be the leader in our life’s decisions, the life will feel like a physical pull down. It feels like life is moving slowly in all the ways that are displeasing while the fun and pleasing experiences seem to fly by, not occur often enough, or that we do not quite deserve all that we are receiving. Conversely, only allowing the head to be the driving force creates the feeling of false confidence because what we are doing is to satisfy the socially correct and acceptable.  It lacks fulfillment. This feeling of unfulfillment will prevail due to not following our heart and choosing to follow the notions of others. Only listening to the judgments of the head may also create the feeling of having our head in the clouds or even create a fear of making the wrong decision which may lead to stagnation.

When the gut and head area are the main decision makers for all we do in life, our heart has no say, no pull.  We disallow it from calling us in any direction. As we live our life this way, we create a base for fear (fear of failure, lack of acceptance, judgement) as we make decisions that can easily be rationalized.  This is what it looks like to only work, live, and decide from the gut and head without any input from the heart. There are no feelings of joy or ease or love in this manner of leading our own lives. A well Being and balanced life stems from incorporating the entirety of ourselves into our daily lives.  This means to incorporate all the groundedness and security the lower chakras have to offer with the knowing and intuitiveness of the upper chakras together while intentionally focusing on what the lights up the heart area. It is the awareness and application of a balanced body and using it to the capacity in which we are designed.  

When given the opportunity to make any decision, taking a breath and checking in to feel where our heart is pulling will lead us down a more pleasing path.  Here are some examples to acknowledge where decisions come from after doing a scan of our emotions so we may truly follow our heart.

Desire is the heart.  Obligation is not.

A calling is the heart.  Should is not.

Peace is the heart.  Fear is not.

Calm is the heart.  Anxiety is not.

Acceptance is the heart.  Striving for others’ acceptance is not.

Excitement is the heart.  Having-to is not.

Joy is the heart.  Anger is not.

Love is the heart.  Hate is not.

Knowing is the heart.  Confusion is not.

Fun is the heart.  Boredom is not.

Confidence is the heart.  Unsure is not.

Proud is the heart.  Embarrassment is not.

Inspiration is the heart.  Copying is not.

We can make decisions that elicit an emotion (heart inspired or otherwise).  This then allows for an easier life that will have positive effects on the physical body or not.  It is our free will. We may choose how we feel, how we decide our next steps, and how we treat others and ourselves.  As we feel and live a balanced life where we are present and actively focusing on where we are coming from, where we go is truly more blissful than when we are disconnected from the fullness of our Self.

The more practiced (throughout the day and even over our lifetime) we become at feeling balanced, our physiological, psychological, and social/spiritual components of our lives benefit greatly.  With these benefits, our heart seems to comfortably and completely fill. Then we may give fully of ourselves in our life and to the lives of others. We do this every day as often as we can remember to breathe until we know fully that we deserve to be the receivers of this kind of focus.  We give love and acceptance to ourselves and then we may give fully to others. Now, as we give that physical, spiritual, and emotional love to ourselves, we cannot help but to exude, give, and be that toward others. The more fully balanced we are through our intentions and focus, we may give more fully.  What we say and do is more often received with love by others with a more complete understanding. Communication is easy and old fears dissipate. We live our lives with love and acceptance for those around us. This creates a more exciting, joyful, and loving life. When we feel this, others do as well. We may intentionally love our lives.  We are capable of spreading love to everyone with security and acceptance. It is our homeostasis as a human.

May you find this shareable, inspirational, and soothing.  It is from love. Thank you for sharing your Now with me.