Redefined Focus

The word ‘conditioning’ only feels good in reference to our hair and making it more shiny and soft.  Reconditioning, however, does not feel so good. It has a military resonance that brings up thoughts or memories of a government brainwashing system.  We have been conditioned to fear all, trust the government, find faults and flaws in uniqueness and conform to all be the same. Knowing this, the thought of following anyone’s reconditioning plan sounds uncomfortable.  

However, what if we redefined the direction of our thoughts and thought patterns?  No longer reacting from the conditioned thoughts and beliefs of our past, we can redefine our perceptions.  This creates new conditioning, new neural pathways of habit. With new definitions of everything around us, which excludes judgment, by default we redefine our reactions.  We become less reactionary and more actionary. We are created to create action. We are love nuggets of potential energy that just want outlets to be expressed, be it with our words, actions, or thoughts.  We are visionaries. We have the ability to either visualize the world we live in as bad and flawed and judge it fully; or we can visualize the world as unique and beautiful and appreciate it for all that it encompasses.  This type of visualizing leads to words, thoughts, and actions of true visionaries.

We have the freedom to redefine the pathways of our thoughts.  Redefine, refocus, realign, recondition, so we may rebound from the conditioning we had received in the past.  We may recreate this world with ease, not because it needs it, but because we deserve to have a world in which we feel the fullness of the love that keeps it turning.  

The conditioning from the past included fear, trust only in our government, and intentional distraction.  Repeat in a cyclical manner so they all become entangled. It webs together a life full of fear of other humans and governments due to their differences.  A web of trust in a government to protect us from harm from the fearful things that were ingrained in our belief system. A web of intentional distraction that supports a fear-based society that when looking for solace, reaches to the boss, parent, government, ruler, dictator and enforcer of the rules of right and wrong.  No peace is found in this web. The only thing found is a trust in the very entity that created the fear from which it protects.

There is an alternative though; one we are ready for.  This option is that of focused thought, word, and behavior so that we are no longer Pavlov’s dog.  Rather, we are our own navigator, not just a reactor. As we refocus our thoughts, shifts begin to emerge.  Where we once had repetitive thoughts of not being good enough, we are more than capable.