Spiritual (Not Religious)

As I sit and admire the tree in my front lawn, the white crepe myrtle, I see myself in it.  The way the branches spring out from the twisting trunk and then droop from the top like a fountain.  The blossoming white bunches that when the wind blows them, makes this crepe myrtle look like she is dancing.  It reminds me of my hair and it made me feel so lovely. I then felt such joy when I felt how the tree and I are created similarly, just like all things in nature.  All things in this world are so connected because we are made of elements. We all have atoms and cells that divide, grow, crystallize, evolve, and eventually the whole will shift into another form of energy.  Energy cannot be created nor destroyed. Therefore, when we die, our energetic body does not just disappear poof style. It goes back to the bigness that we are all. At an atomic, elemental, energetic, cellular level, we humans are all the same.  So when we die, we join back into that, which is what some would call heaven of sorts.

But until then, as I see the likeness and the connectedness in the Universe and the nature around me, I see that heaven is here on Earth.  We, as humans are created in either ‘the image of God’, from love, from the same energy source, with souls or a spirit, the thing that gives us the Beingness that we are.  We are all Beings and we all have an opportunity to have a well Being and a surrounding well Earth. I saw my likeness in the crepe myrtle, and I looked to the base and thought of the roots and how they take on the elements in the soil to nourish itself.  It is like our physical body ingesting food for the nutrients for a thriving body. It is like our energetic body taking on elements through our 10th chakra, which is an auric field of energy that is below our feet. We are all connected. As I looked above the crepe myrtle, the cobalt evening sky was the backdrop for the reddish clouds coupled with bright white clouds separating the contrasting colors.  I saw how the air, the sunshine, the respite with the moon and stars and how they all also nourish this crepe myrtle just as they nourish us. I also saw these clouds around my likeness to the tree as the 7th, 8th and 9th chakra of our energetic body. These are on the top of the head, above the head, and even further above the head respectively (I recommend Cyndi Dale’s “Complete Book of Chakra Knowledge” for further reading on the chakric system).

In this awareness of the connectedness we all are, more and more similar all the stories, beliefs, and religions become. The words are the only thing that differs, but the knowings are all so similar.  The cultural ways in which they celebrate or practice differs as well, and that is such a beautiful variance in this world. The cultural, religious, and generational ways in which they become something to judge is what deters the eyes from the beauty of difference and refocuses it on righting and wronging others’ beliefs and practices.  Beliefs are personal and none are wrong. Beliefs create the life the believer believes. To judge someone else’s beliefs as being wrong is not practicing love nor acceptance. Most people feel like love and acceptance defines what God is, what we are made of, what we all are at the core, what we are made to feel. To not put love and acceptance into real life application creates a judgemental world that you are an active participant in.  Or it can be practiced as often as possible to see how it feels. Practicing love and acceptance for yourself and others not only feels peaceful, it changes your life now. Your stress hormones, like cortisol, go down. Your blood pressure decreases, your anxiety or depression wanes, you smile more frequently, others smile around you more, and you feel generally more calm. All of these have health benefits for the physical body, not to mention the benefits from the energetic shifts that occur in the energetic body.  The chakras are in a more balanced state, which aid in keeping our energy flowing in the body with more ease. We have all felt when our energy is ‘off’. Some just suffer through it or they are unaware they may actually be able to feel better, or that they even deserve to feel good in life. Some have sought assistance in feeling better when their energy is ‘off’, be it acupuncture, massage, yoga, energy work (reiki, chakra balancing, spiritual guidance, meditation, etc.) and these assist in the relief tremendously.

There is a next step to feeling better when we feel out of balance, ‘off’, just not as happy as we would like to be.  We all are the keepers of this energy in this unique body of ours. This is the same energy that connects all humans and all of nature, all of the elements we all are.  When I say elements, I mean literal. Periodic table elemental. That is us and all of the Earth around us. Elements have atoms and they move and have an energetic charge to them.  Bind them together in different ways, you get humans, rocks, trees, plants, air, clouds, water. You get everything on this very Earth. Everything we are is here. That is why so many things in nature are nourishing, healing, and balancing for us.  Since we are a part of this healing capability around us, we can assist others in improving their life in a loving and accepting way as well as assist ourselves in the same manner. In this divine human form of energy, we have a unique binding of energy, as we have our atoms and elements and cells all coming together in such a way that we are the only thing like us on Earth.  Animals are close as they domesticate. But we are the only ones who have a consciousness, an ability to live an intentional life with free will to feel any way we choose to in any given situation. This differentiation allows us to create our reality. We can intentionally see ourselves as the valuable and unique Being that we and others are, or we can intentionally see ourselves as the flawed Being that someone told us we were.  When others judge us and do not accept us, it is their own lack of acceptance and love for themselves that is what is expressed. We are all just outward expressions of what and how we feel about ourselves on the inside. The knowing of this is the next step, and then applying this knowledge to daily life is the key to assisting yourself in feeling better and to get the feeling of balance.

Our human homeostasis is that of balance and well Being.  Our natural state is that of love and acceptance. To feel this balance, there needs to be little focus on the judgements of our past or the concern for what is in the future.  This focus on what we do not want will not only bring that into our reality, it will create dis-ease in the body. When the emotional state is that of an underlying turmoil, our physical body reacts.  Blood pressure is elevated, cortisol levels increase, muscles tighten, sleep quality or quantity decreases, thoughts are unclear and confusion makes it’s way into our daily life. Our energy centers, the chakras, do not operate to the fullest capacity when we are under emotional duress.  It is our mind, our free will, that allows us to alter the state of our Being to a more well or less well state. When we recondition our thought pattern to be that of what we feel is true in our hearts and not the beliefs of the fearful generations preceding us, we may not only move forward and grow, but we also begin to swiftly create the life we desire to live.  As we create this balanced life support through our intended focus, the assistance from others, through their healing touch, their words of inspiration, their sharing of their knowledge of what they have grown through are of the utmost benefit. It becomes an ever-increasing state of well Being. We feel more joy and love and support from ourselves and others around us.  

As this internal joy increases, our physical body begins to benefit as well.  Our blood pressure decreases as well as our cortisol levels. Our stress, anxiety, and depression wanes and we begin to sleep better and think more clearly.  Our bodies begin to thrive when allowed to be in homeostasis. Many have not known that they are not only deserving of this well Being, but that we are made to feel this way.  When we feel this way, we are then able to give more of ourselves. Giving and receiving are key in the balance of life. We are made to be and do both with equanimity. Generations past have taught to give to others and you will feel joyful and complete.  This is not untrue, however it is not the entire truth. The entire truth to the balanced life is to give AND receive. When one only gives of ourselves, our heart, we do not run out. However, we feel unbalanced and it has a resonance of emptiness. It is not technically empty, as we cannot run out of love.  We feel this emptiness when we are not receiving the love we are made to receive, be it from ourselves or another. Many have been taught to give to themselves in a loving way is selfish and has been perceived as a negative. That had been a huge misnomer in our collective cultural upbringing. Now, selfishness is viewed as unsharing of the care that we are, again to ourselves and others.  Selfless had been what we strived for. We became selfless and are now ready to feel, see, hear, speak, and focus the Self that we are at the core. This Self is that of love, deserving of the love, giving of the love, being of the love. To be selfish is to take care of the Self so that we may give with ease and balance without feeling depleted.

As we become the newly conditioned, refocused, intentional, loving Beings that we are, we operate from the space of love and acceptance with regularity.  As this becomes the standard of normal for the individual, certain behaviors become second nature. Behaviors are how we act, which is a direct reflection and expression of what and how we feel about ourselves on the deepest level.  As we love our Self, we love others. We then behave in a way that allows others to feel this love and acceptance with ease. We express joy in the presence of others, without judgement of who they are or what they may or may not have done.  Others will feel at ease around you, taking down their defenses. Once defenses are down or removed, communication becomes more heartfelt and accepting. Creating solutions that are forward thinking in nature come easily. When operating from a space of fear of failure, rejection, or judgement, we do not create solutions that are as beneficial to ourselves and others.  The solutions that come from this space are more like bandages for old wounds. They are focused on the past and how to prevent a worsening of the situation. If looking forward, driven by the love of the heart, the knowledge of the brain, and the instinct of the gut, solutions will be of benefit to the human race, the animals, and the Earth. If only one of these areas are the driving force, the solution will likely be sufficient, but it will not be the fully balanced decision that is inspiring and that of a leader.  Leaders lead by allowing, loving, compassion, honesty, and by understanding that we are all connected on the same human level. This human connection allows for a myriad of vantage points for solutions and stories of growth. As these differences are embraced and not seen as a means of wronging, creating a life that we all deserve is easily and quickly attainable.

We are all capable of living a fulfilling, full-feeling, loving life that is as unique to each of us as we are to each other.  This uniqueness connects us at the same level. We can create the notion of ‘heaven’ on Earth as we focus our intention to what resonates in our hearts, to what lights us up and facilitates joy.  We are the leaders into the future that we are now aware of our active participant role. Now is the only thing that is real, and what we do, think, and feel in it creates our future. Let us create intentionally and with love.