Trust Fall

The trees are starting to put on a show.  The leaves are steadily changing to hues of red, orange, and yellow for our viewing pleasure.  The trees must take time to be still in the upcoming winter months so they may grow bigger and stronger.  In preparation of this stillness, they allow their beautiful leaves to fall at their base for they will no longer serve them.  Snakes do the same thing. Snakes outgrow their own skin. They shed their skin, which I imagine to be uncomfortable, otherwise, they would die (which I imagine being REALLY uncomfortable).  

We have the opportunity to do the same.  As humans, we tend to want to hold on to everything out of fear of having nothing.  The snake doesn’t do that. Trees don’t do that. They all have a trust in themselves that life will go on inside them, which creates life around them.  We could take inspiration from nature and trust in ourselves to release what is no longer serving us, or harm us, and that we will thrive in doing so.  What we release allows for room to grow. It allows for room for new to come in, be it people, jobs, homes, or experiences. Falling isn’t failing. Falling is choosing life.

When we trust in ourselves to let the things in our life fall to our feet that are not serving a thriving life, we have more opportunities to grow.  It’s when we are afraid to let go that starts to stagnate our growth. We ask ourselves, ‘what if I never meet anyone else?’ or ‘what if I can never replace that exactly the same way?’ or even ‘what if it looks like I failed?’.  These are just questions that the media/society has conditioned us to ask. These become the belief that we are failing if we are without. If we do not have all the things around us, be it a partner, a retirement plan, a house, a degree, a family, a body that looks like an airbrushed human, then we are a failure.  

But how can we allow the things around us to fall when we no longer need them and not feel like we ‘gave up’ or that we have failed?  

We must trust in the nature of us, and that we can release and we can fall, and that we are not failing.  We are readying to grow and to receive more. This can be more joy, more friends, more experiences, more abundance.  Our load would be too heavy to bear without an occasional release, removal, fall. We must know that as we release whatever is to fall away, we are vulnerable in this nakedness.  Vulnerability is an open heart, ready to accept what is deserved. It is our human nature to deserve to feel fulfilled and not burdened with the load from our past. We are created to be vulnerable, supported, and supporters.  

Whatever we release, we can look back at it fondly for it served us well for growth.  We are not failing. We are choosing. We are choosing to allow. We deserve to allow our life to thrive.  We can receive more when we allow parts of ourselves to fall. Nature isn’t failing and neither are we.