Winter Dormancy

         It’s March 2017 and Spring is approaching here in Charlotte North Carolina.  There are signs of it everywhere as the daffodils stretch toward the sky and the pollen is leaving chartreuse ribbons on the pavement after a cleansing rain.  After I set a new intention recently and am continuously receiving all that I am ready for, I am also looking back at the past Winter as a loving observer.  I notice congruencies in nature, be it in sacred geometry or life meanings, and I noticed that Winter is so essentially beautiful to our well Being.
    Allow me to explain.
         Winter is the time when all the trees are barren, the days are short, the grass is dead, and it is cold.  It occasionally is viewed as uncomfortable on some level.  It is the truest form of dormancy.  The trees are not saving energy, as if it were some limited resource from within and it must be saved so as to not run out.  Rather, they are cultivating energy for what is about to come in the future; the imminent Spring.  The upcoming physical shifts that occur (for both the blossoming flora and the first breath of the gestating fauna) will be beautiful, uncomfortable, unique, essential for life.  This is truth as applied to the trees, the Winter, humans, and all of life. 
        We can choose to honor the dormant times, or seasons, in our lives.  The times when there does not seem to be outward progress, but rather inward progress.  Winter cultivates energy to thrive as do we.  We are created to nurture ourselves in stillness, and conjure the energy and fire within, to then live out our heart’s desire.  We do not run ourselves into the ground to fulfill our heart’s desire.  We create our lives to be lived fully and to have the life you desire, you must have the fuel to start as well as to maintain.  This fuel is your energy, the core of who you are, your spirit, your well Being, your homeostasis, your natural built-in holistic wellness system.  
       The time scale for dormancy varies.  It may be a time that when you look back was an entire period of your life.  It may be a year, a month, or a day.  You may be able to see that you can create the time in which you look inward and focus lovingly on yourself, cultivating energy and ideas for what is coming in the next season.  That is the purpose for this dormancy.  It is to reset, refocus, reenergize, and to ready yourself for the next moment in life.  You are best suited to be ready in a positive and healthy (nonresistant) way.  This phase or season will have varying degrees of durations in life.  Upon retrospect, you can see that you have had times you paused, focused inward, and grew.  The focusing inward in that loving way is what leads to growth.  The focus inward and being critical leads to change, not necessarily growth.  We can do this as the umbrella intention for the season of Winter as we weather our own spiritual season of Winter.  This practice of Spiritual Winter with soothing love and acceptance is essential to growth and your well Being.  
       You can practice this Winter as intentionally as you desire.  You can do it once a month.  You can do it once a week, or once a day.  You really can make this as much a MicroWinter as you desire by taking a deep breath in through your nose until your belly expands and intentionally cultivate energy by just feeling love for that inhale that you gave yourself.  Your Winter may be the ritual before bedtime, sleeping time, and the ritual upon waking.  Taking time for yourself to prepare for slumber and then to prepare for the day ahead (that you get to create) can be as self loving and joyful as you desire.  You may choose to intentionally take care of your well Being just enough so that you have not only taken advantage of the benefits of self soothing and rest, you also can appreciate all of the dormant times in your life as the beneficial component to thriving life that it is.  
       This past Winter has been actively cultivating energy while dormant for myself and others.  It appears to not have much going on, yet it has been a time of cultivating energy for what we are about to grow and blossom into this Spring, merely days away now.  My December was a time that felt like an experiential epiphany.  I was, for the first time ever, living a life that had a conscious connection to the spiritual/energetic/Beings that we all are.  It seemed to have been a time of emergence and convergence in such a personally profound way.  My January was very cleansing as the colds I got cleared out any mucus my body could have made (grody).  Things got cold and slick for a while, but the thaw felt divine and the sure-footedness that resulted could not have been a more joyful ride.  February was a time of focus, which for me was the focus unto those whom I love dearly.  I felt the ease of being the focuser on so many realms and realized that I am amongst my dearest friends who are amazingly focused creators.   March was a time to plan and prepare for all the physical changes (house repair and kickboxing, yay!) that will be occurring at the onset of Spring.  As I have cultivated energy to prepare for my own personal growth, I also took what feels like a giant inhale in an excited preparation for what is coming.  I know that it will be followed by a joyous squeal for the exhale as I spring into this next season. 
       I look at my past Winter with so much fondness.  I got to spend an entire literal Winter being the best at outward dormancy.  I got to experience so much love in so many familial ways, and I got to play like a kid!  The entire season for me was spent cultivating the energy of love, excitement, exuberance, newness, and knowledge in ways that have readied me for the Spring that I know will be beautifully unfolding, just like the wild violets that have been blooming on the greenway in my neighborhood.  They are surprising, they are beautiful, they grow like weeds, and they always make me smile as they are the colorful wave from the Universe that welcomes me on this journey of life.  

Oh, hello there!