How I Guide:

I am your Ascension Guide. Let me explain…

Ascension: to rise, to move upward, mount, to go toward the Source, or beginning. I guide you through your rising with inspiration and joy.

Source is, well, Source, Spirit, the Divine, Intelligence, God, the Is of All That Is. The beginning is a remembrance that we began as Love at our core, and that we still are. We’re just in bigger bodies and most of us are without the tools to easily and quickly integrate our Spiritual Aspect and our Human Aspect together. We have Divine Human Rights that I advocate and support. I offer tools to maintain this uplevelling experience and healing that I offer.

Although the collective is shifting and we’re being called to follow hearts, there are still  some real life challenges and questions. I connect with your higher self and Spirit to travel through the realms of your thought patterns and programs.  I work to integrate your Soul into your Human experience. I tap into the higher vibrational realms of knowledge and lovingly offer them in this plane.  I support and guide through YOUR sacred ascension. During times of transition, alignment and clarity to hear the calling of your next steps is pivotal.    

I offer plant medicine, Sacred Cacao, to assist in your journey, as well as healing frequency sounds to attune your physical body during your energetic shifts I ease symptoms of ascension. As we increase our vibration/frequency, attune to our Spiritual Nature, we shift our physical body. As we shift into the new paradigm, thoughts transform and our energetic body shifts, therefore causing a physiological shift in the body that manifests in a myriad of ways. I specialize in offering tools for comfort (physically, emotionally, and spiritually) in times of integration. These tools are taken with you so that YOU can continue creating a space of internal peace which prevents discomfort and dis-ease.

My purpose is to be an active participant in connecting the world with the common threads of Love, Acceptance, Compassion, and Creativity.  I am committed to a world that is loving, compassionate, abundant, and unified.


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