What is a Spiritual Guide?

As a Spiritual Guide, I support your journey to experience all aspects of life with joy and gratitude.  My mission is to connect Humanity, Love, and the Universal Energy that resonates at our core.  We are all a part of this Now generation and we are consciously creating the future.  My purpose is to be an active participant in connecting the world with the common threads of Love, Acceptance, Compassion, and Creativity.  I am committed to a world that is loving, compassionate, abundant, and unified.

  I am an inspirational speaker who's intention is to enroll you in the excitement for life. Using inspiration & intrinsic motivation, I guide you to follow your heart, your path, your purpose on a daily basis.  For those who are time challenged (commitments to family, work, etc.), I create a plan that meets you where you are Now.  The tools I share increase the feelings that come from a regular Spiritual practice to become more aware and aligned with your natural state of joy.

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